Residential-Commercial Rental services with Official Space In Mohali

We, at Harji Realtors provide Residential and Commercial Rental services in Mohali according to your respective budget.

Whether you are planning to expand your business by leasing another office space or relocate retail premises for better exposure, our skillful and competent team of property experts is on hand for providing reliable assistance and real time solutions, making it easier for you to achieve your business goals.

Commercial property renters should be aware of the impact caused on their business prospects by common factors, like location and size of rental property, as well as available amenities, accessibility and infrastructure of the area. Depending on the domain and client base you are catering to, it becomes essential to rent a well located and fully furnished commercial space that will form the base of future success and growth of your firm.

To facilitate your search for commercial rental property, we at Harji Realtors maintain a regularly updated database of commercial properties available across the tri-city area, including furnished office and retail spaces, for corporate ventures and businesses of every type and stature. Besides efficient and quick commercial rental property solutions, our vast range of financial, liaison and interior services makes it easier for you to find credible services under one roof.

Aiming to minimize occupancy risks and leasing costs, we ensure to enhance your workplace productivity, as it is the growth of our clients which defines our success. Our responsibilities as your trusted partners include indentifying and reviewing your requirements, searching for suitable premises and negotiating market terms. With us you can be assured to receive quality services, along with the added advantage of responsiveness and entrepreneurial integrity.


Offering comprehensive residential property solutions

Buying, renting or investing in a residential property Services can be tricky, as ascertaining the present and future value of your home or the property you wish to own and tracking the ever changing trends of real estate market is not easy. Having a professional by your side is instrumental, especially when taking decisions as significant as investing your hard earned money in buying a new residential property or selling your existing home at the best price and avail good profit.

We, at Harji Realtors, take pride at being the first choice of residential property buyers, investors and sellers when it comes to getting reliable assistance and professional solutions matching their specific requirements from a reliable Residential Services provider. Our comprehensive research allows us to look for ideal residential spaces for our clients at premium townships and residential complexes, fast coming into existence in and around tri-city area.

You can expect same level of precision and quality in our other residential services as well, which include renting, construction and interiors. Staying focused on the needs of our clients, we ensure to bring the most lucrative and rewarding deals your way.

The experience and knowledge we possess about real estate market and ability to assess its current and future trends is unrivalled. Whether you wish to relocate to a bigger house, live somewhere close to your office or your kid's school or looking for a residential property for just investment purposes, we bring into use our finest resources and vast contacts to help you find a desirable deal as per your preferences.

Want to rent out your property but hesitate, thinking in case the tenant turns out to be a devil giving you sleepless nights.

We, at Harji Realtors do not at all want that you get sleepless nights; we always want you to have good happy nights.

We for you warily assess and select the right lessee for your precious property before the stipulated deadline. We get the entire paperwork done on your behalf that even comprises of signing the lease deed.

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